Successful Tourism Operators

Those most successful tourism businesses are often are more expensive than their competitors in their product category (be it backpacker accommodation to tours to hire vehicles).

They can charge more as their tourism experience is exactly what their ideal customers are looking for (or didn’t know they were looking for!) and by exceeding their customers expectations.

They achieve premium pricing by clearly communicating what value they can offer their ideal customers, what sort of experience they can expect and what makes them unique to all their other competitors. They show this to their customers through happy customer testimonials, great photos and clear and consistent branding.

They know their greatest profits come from customers who book direct, not those who book through a third party distributor.

They focus on building an email database, sharing relevant content on social media and email and investing in a visually-inspiring, seo & mobile optimised, online-bookable website.

They ONLY work with travel distribution partners, such as wholesalers, inbound and online travel agents if they have large amount of units to sell in their business and/or they are aligned to how their ideal customers prefer to purchase their travel experiences.

They know the most powerful marketing of their tourism experience is what others say about them.  They know the easiest way to create positive word of mouth around their business is to offer a product that their ideal customers loves and want to rave about.

They have clear brand values and deliver on their promise to their customers every, single time.

They encourage their happy customers to become advocates for them on TripAdvisor and Social Media.

They rarely invest in paid advertising as they know there are more effective uses of their precious marketing dollars. They only ever consider paying for advertising, unless it is highly targeted to their ideal customers.

On a daily basis tourism businesses are approached with a great new “marketing opportunity” daily. New website distribution platforms, paid advertising opportunities (magazine, print, online), search engine optimisation specialists and even trade or media famils.

Successful tourism businesses happily say no to these opportunities unless they are directly aligned with attracting more of their ideal customers to their businesses and influences their Ideal Customer’s Purchase Journey.

These could include their local Visitor Information Centre, Destination Marketing Organsiations, Tourism Industry Councils, other Tourism Businesses and relevant Trade and Media organisations.

From there, they leverage any opportunities that come their way from these partners.

They don’t expect opportunities to be handed to them on a plate, but will proactively pursue opportunities if they are aligned with helping them find more of their ideal customers.

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